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Welcome to Fruit Essentials, Incorporated

Who is Fruit Essentials? We're a community that understands the true power of fruit. You already know that each fruit contains different varieties of nutrients, but with only a few clicks around our site, we'll show you that each component of the fruit (especially the skins and seeds) can deliver completely unique nutritional profiles.

Our Supplements are Simple. We use unique technologies on different parts of the fruit to capture their whole nutritional value. Our concentrated extracts are all minimally processed, careful to maintain the natural structures and balances of each nutrient. We employ the simple concept of "Less is More" and aim to deliver powerful nutrients that are easily absorbed by your body.

We won't get too technical; our information is as simple to understand as the nutrients we deliver. Essentially, we passionately explore ways to get powerful "fruitrients" into your diet, the easy, fun and flavorful way!

Featured Product

Cranberry Women's Formula

Cranberries have been used to promote urinary tract health for centuries. The addition of cranberry seed extracts boosts the nutritional profile to make Cranberry Women's Formula unlike any other urinary tract & bladder health product.

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Inspired by Innovation

Fruit Essentials® has been the first to introduce to the consumer powerful fruit-based ingredients such as cranberry seed oil, cranberry seed flour, ellagic acid and more. We'll continue to launch unprecedented and innovative products like our FortiFruit® omega-3 enriched cranberries and cranberry fortified dog treats.

To learn more about our process, please review our story: "The Cranberry Secret" on our Learning Resources page.



Mandatory FDA Disclaimer: The claims made on the products on this website have not been approved by the FDA. As always, consult with your physician prior to starting any medication, taking any supplement or otherwise changing your diet.