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"I have been using the Cranberry Women's formula for about 6 weeks and have noticed the following unexpected results:

- My excema has disappeared from my elbows and hands.
- My hangnails have all cleared up and am no longer bothered with split and torn hangnails.
- My nails have become really strong and no longer have split or cracked nails- in fact i am able to let my nails grow long.
- My nail beds have a healthy look to them now whereas before they had white spots on them that has all cleared up now.

I will continue to use the Cranberry Women's Formula and will advise of other benefits.

Judy H.
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I have suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for the past 11 years. While trying to have a life, I always knew I would be in bed for several days or months and to plan accordingly.

In October of 2004 my husband and I went to Phoenix, AZ (from IL) for a family reunion. I had to lay on the back seat on pillows the entire trip. When we returned to our daughter's house in WI, I was in so much pain my husband and grandson had to buy me an electric blanket. The body pain was too much for a heating pad.

I started taking the Fruit Essentials Cranberry Women's Formula and Prot-EFA in January of 2005. In February we left for another trip to Phoenix to attend a wedding. This time I was able to sit in the front seat the whole time. We went to San Diego, CA to visit family and I was up and active for the duration of that trip also.

At the wedding I danced all night (fast). I have not been able to dance in 11 years. I could not even last through a slow song...

Last Thursday my husband and I decided to go to North Carolina to look at an RV. This would have been unthinkable in the past. We purchased it! That meant I had to drive the car home. I did it!!!

I have had numerous bladder surgeries. The last one in January of 2004. It was a simple procedure that normally sends people home the next day. Right! I had a whole year of recovering and had my first good day only after starting your formulas. My doctor in Iowa City said 'it's about time somebody started making this.'

I can never tell you how great I feel. It is really awful to feel like a burden to your family and friends... even though I have been blessed with the best family and friends god could give anyone.

For the past 11 years I never felt deserving of them... now that I feel human again, I appreciate them even more.

I want to tell you thanks for making it possible for me to feel alive again."

Lanora D.

"I heard about this product from my daughter and I suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I walked 3 blocks to work each day and endured pain all the way.... walking home was worse.. by the end of the day I was so exhausted, and my feet and back made every step unbearable.

When my daughter came to me and showed me how smooth her skin was and how much more energy she had.. I mentioned maybe I should try it...I was given a supply "to try" (I'm the type of person you have to prove to me that it works).

I must tell you that after a week of using the product I noticed I was walking faster to work and my energy was lasting longer during my work day. My feet weren't nearly as painful and were actually feeling better. I also had blood work done and my doctor was pleased that my cholesterol was wayyy down. I didn't even know this product had anything to do with it.. but it sure did.

In July I moved to Maine and ran out of Prot-EFA. I am suffering with pain and feeling very lethargic and I can promise you that had I been able to continue with the product I would not be feeling this way. I have just this week put in my request to be put back on the product and am looking forward to it arriving in the mail as ap... You notice the effects most after you stop taking it!

A favorite saying of mine is: 'the proof is in the pudding' and I have had proof that this product works.. so... ladies and gentlemen... be like 'Mikey'.. try it... you'll like it!"

Brenda B.
Farmington, Maine


"Just to let you know, my dog LOVES the cranberry fortified dog treats!! Great that he will finally eat a healthy, all natural snack!"

Tammy J.

"I had numerous bumps on the back of my arms ( Keratosis Pilaris ) that my doctor told me was genetic. After taking Prot-EFA for almost a month, my skin condition is gone, and I feel better!"

Allison D.

"On 4/7/04 I went in for my dreaded yearly physical, which includes the routine blood work. My cholesterol was: Total 235; Tri 101; LDL (bad) 160 & HDL (good) 55, which was to be rechecked in 3-4 months. I knew if I kept doing what I was doing, I would be one of the MANY people taking a cholesterol lowering medication, and I DID NOT want to do that if at all possible. So I started taking  Prot-EFA, Cranberry Seed Oil Softgels & Omega Bits, exercised some, watched what I ate & went back for more labs on 7/27/04.

Here's what happened to my levels: Total went down to 187; Tri's went up to 125 (my doctor said not worry about a trygliceride count of 125); HDL was lowered to 37 AND the LDL (BAD) went down a whopping 35 points to 125. Not to mention the 20 lbs I lost & several inches. It's like they're melting off! I kid you not!

One more thing, when I ran out of the products for a week, because my whole family is taking them now, I tell ya, I craved the sweets BIGTIME!! When I take these products, my craving for sweets is nil. And, all in all, I just feel better, inside & out and it shows!"

Denise K.

"My dog, Jessie, absolutely loves the cranberry fortified dog treats. It makes her coat smell better for some reason."

Suzanne L.

"I'm starting to be more health conscious and trying to work out more. I notice that when I ride bike, I don't burn out as quickly or feel it the next day if I am consistently taking Prot-EFA. My nails are stronger and my skin feels better."

Jeffrey S.

"Even after a restful night's sleep, I have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. My legs ache from working long hours on a concrete floor in a manufacturing environment. I started taking Prot-EFA and within two weeks I was getting out of bed without willing myself to get up. The ache in my legs is gone."

Rose J.

"I have been giving the cranberry fortified treats to my 6 month old puppy, who is mostly black lab, for nutritional reasons for three months now. And that, combined with his regular dog food diet, has helped him to be the healthy, happy pup that he is.

What has turned out to be a pleasant surprise is how much Carey LOVES the Fruit Essentials treats! (Must be the liver flavoring). He strongly prefers them to the cheaper, traditional dog biscuits, which he now practically ignores knowing the Fruit Essentials treats are around! Healthier, for sure. Happier, well, try it yourself. Just 'shake' the container and watch YOUR dog lick his chops!."

Tom S.
Stow, Ohio

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