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Product Overview

We believe in only offering products that are truly authentic and ultimately effective. Their development has provided an interesting and exciting experience, and we are proud to offer you the products found below.

Nutraceutical Products:

All of our nutraceutical products use innovative fruit seed extracts as their base ingredients. Each endures a strict production process, where the nutrient value is maintained to deliver the highest amount of nutrient value possible.


Cranberry Women's Formula

Cranberries have been used to promote urinary tract health for centuries. The addition of cranberry seed extracts boosts the nutritional profile to make Cranberry Women's Formula unlike any other urinary tract & bladder health product.

Available Only in Retail Locations

Cranberry Seed Oil (Available as a Liquid and in Softgel Capsules)

Tiny cranberry seeds are packed with nutrients that are vital to all living beings. Cold pressed cranberry seed oil is a tasteless source of ideally balanced omega-3-6-9 EFAs, naturally preserved with a rich antioxidant profile.

Available Only in Retail Locations

Functional Foods:

Our seed extracts are rich in nutrients that are very stable. This allows us to develop food products that are a bit more healthy, and truly unique.



FortiFruit® Omega Fortified Cranberries

Because we sweeten FortiFruit® Cranberries with natural fruit juices, we add NO REFINED SUGARS! Every ounce of FortiFruit® is fortified with Antioxidants and over 1 gram of healthy omega fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9)....

Available Only in Retail Locations


Omega Mix® Cranberry Trail Mix

Now, you can get all the goodness of minimally-processed, raw nuts without the unwanted salt, candy or other low-nutrient ingredients found in many trail mixes. With the addition of FortiFruit®, Omega Mix® contains ample amounts of antioxidants and the healthy fats our body’s cells crave...

Available Only in Retail Locations

More to Come!

We innovate quietly, so please check back for additional products in the near future. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!



Mandatory FDA Disclaimer: The claims made on the products on this website have not been approved by the FDA. As always, consult with your physician prior to starting any medication, taking any supplement or otherwise changing your diet.