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Press Information

We have assembled this page for convenient information exchange with our media partners. If you are planning to feature our products, concepts or company, please notify us so we can track the response.

Press Releases

The following documents are available for download in PDF format:

Add a Boost of Omega-3-6-9 to Your Food With Cranberry Seed Oil

Cranberry Fortified Dog Treats Now Available in 2oz Package Size

Cranberry Women's Formula is Recommended in Dr. W. Gifford-Jones Column

Fruit Essentials, Incorporated Receives Registered Trade Mark for Fruit Essentials® Product Line

Fruit-based “Fats” Used to Fortify Unique Cranberry Snack

Official Company Logos

All files are contained in one Illustrator EPS format with fonts outlined: Click to Download Logos

Official Product Photography

Official product shots of some of our products are available online. If you need any additional photos, please feel free to contact us with your request.

For your convenience, the photos below are in hi-res Photoshop (.psd) format to isolate the shots with transparency.

Cranberry Women's Formula
Cranberry Seed Oil - 8oz Bottle
Cranberry Seed Oil Softgels
Vitaliberry™ Immune Support
Cranberry Fortified Dog Treats - 10oz Canister
Cranberry Fortified Dog Treats - 2oz Package

We Make it Easy to Show our Concepts

Feel free to use use any of these images for your publication or for the promotion of our products, however please note the usage restrictions below.

Heart-Shaped Cranberries
[Hi-res JPEG] (1mb)

Omega Bits™ Product Shot
[Hi-res JPEG] (1.4mb)

Heart-Shaped Cranberries
[Hi-res JPEG] (1mb)

Do you need a unique concept photo?

Omega Bits™ Product in "Tilted" Heart Shape
[Hi-res JPEG] (1.4mb)

Omega Bits™ Product in "Messy" Heart Shape
[Hi-res JPEG] (1.9mb)

We have many additional product photos available. If you need any other images, different formats, or any further assistance to suit your needs, contact us.

Legal Notice - Copyright and Usage

While we generously provide the media and associates with our images, all other rights are reserved under all applicable United States and other regulatory copyright and trademark laws.

Other Usage Restrictions

If an image is not used for promoting Fruit Essentials® products, the following restrictions apply:

1) The following message must accompany in no less than a 10 point font: "Photo Courtesy of www.FruitEssentials.com"

2) You must send an e-mail to info@fruitessentials.com to notify us of your intended use. Should we have an objection, we will contact you within three business days, otherwise, you are free to use the photo in a non-conflicting manner.



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