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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Our products and concepts are fresh and new, so we can understand if you have questions! Click Here to review some of the most common questions we are asked or contact us to submit a question.


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Nutrient Dictionary

For your convenience, we've created our nutrient dictionary so you can learn what effects certain nutrients may have on your body. You might notice some words on our website are clickable and will bring you to a description of the known benefits.

Unleashing the Power of the Cranberry

This book describes the our extraction process and highlights some of the benefits of the Prot-EFA™ nutritional system. Should you choose to buy Prot-EFA™, you will receive a complimentary copy, or you can the view the e-book online to learn more.

The Cranberry Secret™

Learn about the concept behind the Fruit Essentials® product line. "The Cranberry Secret™" tells how innovative cold processing technologies are used to deliver essential phytonutrients from tiny fruit seeds.

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Articles Featuring Our Products

Below you'll find just a few of our featured articles:

 Cranberry Women's Formula for Improved Health - Written by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones in his column: "The Doctor Game"

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Learn about the health benefits of related nutrients, similar products, and more in our information archives.



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