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Fruit Essentials® Bulk Ingredients Division

We now offer select proprietary fruit seed extracts and branded formulations to the natural foods industry. Manufacturers, marketers and product developers may now use the unique extracts we deliver in our Fruit Essentials® product line. The key ingredients in all Fruit Essentials® formulas are unique fruit-based seed oils and powders.

Cranberry and meeker red raspberry seeds are packed with nutrients that are vital to all living beings. Using revolutionary cold processing technology, we retain the highest possible levels of these nutrients when we develop our retail and bulk formulas.

Each Fruit Essentials® ingredient is carefully processed to safeguard the nutritional value of vital naturally occurring antioxidants, protein, phytochemicals and omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, all of which are commonly found in our formulas.

Cranberry Seed Oil

Cranberry seed oil delivers omega-3-6-9 fatty acids, phytosterols, and a powerful antioxidant profile. Learn about cranberry seed oil.

Download More Information:
 Bulk Cranberry Seed Oil Product Information Sheet
 Bulk Cranberry Seed Oil Specification Sheet

Cranberry Seed Flour

Cranberry seed flour (also called cranberry seed extract or cranberry protein powder) offers a unique delivery of highly bioavailable protein (all essential amino acids), antioxidants (including vitamin-E, carotenoids) phytosterols, phospholipids, soluble and insoluble fiber, and trace amounts of omega-3-6-9 fatty acids, which aid in the absorption of other nutrients within the formula.

Download More Information:
 Cranberry Seed Flour Product Information Sheet
 Cranberry Seed Flour Specification Sheet

Cranberry seed flour is also available with a standardized 10% lipid (90/10) delivery with the re-integration of cranberry seed oil.

 Standardized 90/10 Cranberry Seed Flour Specification Sheet - (available upon request)

An independent clinical analysis uncovered the antioxidant uptake of the cranberry seed flour.

 Cranberry Seed Flour Analysis of Antioxidant Quality

Ellagic Acid Extract

Ellagic acid extract is a proprietary blend of seed flour from meeker red raspberries. Ellagitannin, the key antioxidant compound within is standardized to 450ppm.

Download More Information:
 Ellagic Acid Extract Product Information Sheet - (available upon request)
 Ellagic Acid Extract Specification Sheet - (available upon request)

CranEssentials™ for Promoting a Healthy Urinary Tract

CranEssentials™ is a proprietary blend of cranberry extracts designed to promote a healthy urinary tract. Consisting of a proprietary blend of standardized cranberry seed flour. This formula delivers concentrated phenolic antioxidants, known to aid in the anti-adherence of bacteria from the urinary tract wall lining. along with the health

Download More Information:
 CranEssentials™ Product Information Sheet - (available upon request)
 CranEssentials™ Specification Sheet - (available upon request)

Bulk Retail Products

In certain situations, we offer our bulk products for other applications. Please review our Retail Products Overview page and contact us to learn more.



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