Introducing FortiFruit® Fortified Cranberries

FortiFruit® Fortified Cranberries provide all the wholesome goodness of dried cranberries, but with a name like that, we couldn't stop there... With the process of drying fruit removing most of the naturally occurring water, we saw the opportunity to fill that void with MORE NUTRITION. Every ounce is fortified with Antioxidants and over 1 gram of healthy omega fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9).

It's Healthier and Tastes Great! Why? Because we sweeten FortiFruit® with natural fruit juices, which means we add NO REFINED SUGARS! But the options don't stop there; taste the difference by sprinkling atop cereals and salads, fortifying your favorite trail mixes, or boosting the nutrition of your secret baking recipes. We've even made FortiFruit™ available in our Omega Mix® Trail Mix!

Loaded With Extra Nutrition! Check our ingredients to see where we found it. We discovered these omegas and antioxidants hiding within the tiny cranberry seeds! At Fruit Essentials®, we're passionate about finding creative ways to get the whole nutritional value of fruit into your lifestyle... the easy, fun and flavorful way!


FortiFruit® Fortified Cranberries

Net Wt. 6oz

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