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Technology Takes Cranberry Health Benefits
Beyond an "Old Wives' Tale"

For centuries, cranberries have been used to promote urinary tract health. Now all the benefits of cranberry juice (and more!) are available in this all-natural cranberry supplement.

Two capsules of Cranberry Women's Formula per day not only deliver the active compounds to maintain urinary tract health, but also provide the following:

•  Powerful antioxidants, including phenolics and vitamin E that eliminate free radicals in the body reducing the risk of cellular damage
•  A complete protein profile (all essential amino acids)
•  Naturally-occuring, heart-healthy phytosterols (plant sterols), including beta-sitosterol that have been shown to positively influence cholesterol levels in the bloodstream
•  An even balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) as well as omega-9 fatty acids to promote the absorption of the antioxidants and other nutrients in the formula

With the addition of cranberry seed extracts, this formula is like no other urinary tract health product.

Concentrated Phenolic Antioxidants

Because we use the concentrated CranEssentials™ active cranberry powder, each capsule of Cranberry Women's Formula contains the same UTI-preventing compounds (phenolic antioxidants) as two or more glasses of cranberry juice, without the calories, carbohydrates, or bitter taste!

This 100% all natural product is offered exclusively by Fruit Essentials®.


Cranberry Women's Formula

60 Capsules (500 mg each) – Price: $13.99

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