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The Fruit Essentials Mission

Fruit Essentials, Incorporated is a Wisconsin-based nutraceutical company focused on the development, marketing and distribution of fruit-based products that are truly unique. Our team consists of passionate partners, committed to bringing new concepts and fresh ideas to life. Our mission lies in educating consumers on the value of our newfound extraction technologies and concentrated extracts we use in our formulas.

Our quality standards are stringent, and our alignment with passionate innovators allows us to bring exciting products to the health food market. We work diligently to offer you new and innovative products, packed with nutrients from fruit seed extracts that are tasteful and convenient.

The Evolution of Fruit Essentials, Inc.

We started small, with interest in changing the way people get the critical nutrients they need in their diet. Our marketing background is allowing us to rapidly become a market leader. We take the "grass roots" approach to our growth, and only develop products that are truly authentic.

Our initial company – Synergetic Marketing – was founded in March of 2000 by Allen Luke in the State of Minnesota. Initially the company focus was that of a marketing agency, designing brand and corporate identities.

After "stumbling" upon some intriguing phytonutrient extraction concepts, Synergetic Marketing shifted the overall company focus into branding and distributing a small number of product lines in December of 2003 . To gain a closer proximity to our associated co-developing companies, Mr. Luke relocated Synergetic Marketing to Wisconsin and we became Synergetic Marketing and Distribution LLC.

Synergetic Marketing and Distribution LLC created the Fruit Essentials® division in early 2004, which handled the product development, branding, promotion and distribution of fruit based nutraceuticals and functional foods.

It didn't take long before people caught on... Experiencing rapid growth in 2005, January of 2006 brought new direction. Fruit Essentials, Incorporated was born, making great strides in the nutritional wellness industry. We're now as busy as ever in our pioneering the extraction and delivery of healthy fruit compounds. We work quickly and quietly, always seeking alignment with equally passionate partners.

We've formed fantastic relationships that have allowed us to bring you our current product line. The synergies flourish with each new opportunity, and we welcome you to stay in touch to "see what we're brewing in the back room!"



Mandatory FDA Disclaimer: The claims made on the products on this website have not been approved by the FDA. As always, consult with your physician prior to starting any medication, taking any supplement or otherwise changing your diet.